2021 Balaklava Eisteddfod CANCELLED

Saturday 31st July 2021

​​Entries closed 3rd May 2021

VENUE: Balaklava High School Performing Arts Centre * please note different venue – See Eisteddfod Venues page

CONVENOR: Trish Langdon

ADJUDICATOR: Rosanne Hammer

Rosanne is an experienced piano teacher having had over 25 years working in both her private studio and in Adelaide colleges. She is a student of renowned pedagogue, Eleonora Sivan, who remains a mentor and inspiration to her, and she also holds degrees in both Music and Education from the University of Adelaide.

Rosanne is an engaged member of the music community having been a council member of the Music Teachers’ Association of SA, past secretary of Recitals Australia, and on the South Australian (hosting) committee of the 2017 Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference. She is an active concert performer, masterclass clinician and presenter.

Rosanne is currently teaching at Immanuel College and the Special Interest Music Centre at Brighton Secondary school. She has been a piano examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board since 2010.


Entrants MUST read the 2021 Syllabus Notes for Saturday 31st July for detailed information and the Rules & Conditions of Entry

See page 59 of the programme for Guide to Symbols

9.15am – Junior Piano Solo

* Book in from 8.45am

1. Lucy Yan (inst)

2. Jessica Mah (inst, sd-pr)

3. Vincent Yan (inst)

4. Hermione Cowley (inst)

5. Charlene Zhang (inst)

6. Nicole Qie (p2-3)

7. Xavier Kennedy

8. Sophia Lemley

9. Molly Zhang (p2-3)

10.15am – Piano Duet & Trio – Junior

* Book in from 9.45am or earlier

1. Sienna Tilley (p, p2-3) & Jacob Tilley (p)

2. Josiah Zhang (p) & Molly Zhang (p)

3. Johnny Quie (p) & Nicole Qie (p)

10.45am – Piano Duet & Trio – Open

1. Erin Tilley (p, p2-3) & Daniel Shephard

2. Amber Tilley (p, p2-3) & Jasper Tuddenham

3. Elina Tanase (p) & Shalem Leemaqz (p)

4. Melody Young & Halyna Rubashko (p)

5. Erin Tilley (p, p2-3), Amber Tilley (p, p2-3) & Sienna Tilley (p, p2-3) NC


11.40am – Intermediate Piano Solo

* Book in from 11.10am or earlier

1. Devon Chenxuan Xu

2. Jacob Tilley (p2-3)

3. Sarah Mah (inst)

4. Sienna Tilley (p2-3)

5. Josiah Zhang (p2-3)

6. Johnny Qie (p2-3)

7. Teresa Kennedy (p)

8. Joshua Zhang (inst)

1.30pm – Have A Go Piano Solo (non-competitive)

* Book in from 1.00pm or earlier

1. Jediah Charles (i2-4)

2. Zekai Xu

3. Raezy Balane

4. Molly Warnes

5. Annabelle Cay

6. Amelia Durdin

2.05pm – Senior Piano Solo

* Book in from 1.35pm or earlier

1. Leyla Jacobson (cve)

2. Teresa Kennedy (p)

3. Matthew A’Court

4. Brightlyn Victor (inst)

5. Owen Heindenreich

3.05pm – Open Piano Solo

* Book in from 2.35pm or earlier

1. Kim


ey Davey

2. Saoirse Kowalski

3. Sophie Brown (mt, v-cl)

4. Teresa Kennedy (p)

5. Amber Tilley (p2-3)

6. Elina Tanase (p2-3)

7. Erin Tilley (p2-3)

8. Halyna Rubashko (p2-3)

9. Shalem Leemaqz (p2-3)

10. Lianna Retnaraja