Vocal – Classical & Non-Classical

2021 Balaklava Eisteddfod CANCELLED

Saturday 31st July 2021

Entries closed 3rd May 2021

VENUE: Balaklava Uniting Church – See Eisteddfod Venues page

CONVENOR: Danielle Mudge


Ruth Bormann chose music over archaeology in her third year at Yale University and went on to get a Master’s degree in Voice from the Yale School of Music. She was a Metropolitan Opera Regional Finalist, spent two years at the Banff Opera and Music Theatre Festivals, and a season with the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. Ruth’s music theatre highlights include Teddy & Alice on Broadway, and international tours of Anything Goes, The Sound of Music, and My Fair Lady.

From 1992 to 2006 a soloist at the Landestheater, Linz, Ruth’s repertoire there included over thirty operatic lead roles. During that time, she guested at the Vienna State Opera for two seasons as the Tochter in Cardillac. Other guestings include Luzerne, Innsbruck, Passau and Bremerhaven. Ruth Bormann has a wide concert and oratorio repertoire and has sung with the Calgary Philharmonic, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and the Bruckner Orchestra.

Ruth is currently the Coordinator of Music at the Mount Barker Waldorf School and teaches voice privately.


Entrants MUST read the 2021 Syllabus Notes for Saturday 31st July for detailed information and the Rules & Conditions of Entry

See page 59 of the programme for Guide to Symbols

9.30am – Intermediate Vocal Solo – Non Classical

* Book in from 9.00am

1. Lillian Crocos (cv, mt, v-cl, inst)

2. Jermaine-Jordan (JJ) Zaharis (cv)

3. Reo Gerhardy (cv, mt)

4. Ava Hughes (mt, mte, ♫, sd)

5. Annabelle Fleming (mt, mte, v2-4, sd)

6. Abigail Sharp (mt)

7. Indi Gray (cv, cve)

8. Summa Arrizza (mt, mte)

10.20am – Junior Vocal Solo

* Book in from 9.50am or earlier

1. Poppy Saleeba (mt)

2. William Fleming (mt, mte, v2-4)

3. Isabella Charman (cv)

10.40am – Open Vocal Solo – Non-classical

* Book in from 10.10am or earlier

1. Alex Blyth (cv, v-cl, ♫)

2. Sam Gwynn-Jones (mt)

3. Jacinda Jansen (v-cl)

4. Nadia Gencarelli (mt)

5. Mairead Hayes (cv, mt, v-cl)

6. Katalina Teumohenga (v-cl, ♫)

11.20am – Open Vocal Solo – Classical

* Book in from 10.50am or earlier

1. Susan Brooke-Smith

2. Abbey Bubner (mt, v-cl, ♫, v2-4) WITHDRAWN

3. Mairead Hayes (cv, mt, v-ncl)

4. Bethany McGeorge (mt, mte, ♫)

5. Leah McGeorge (mt, mte)

6. John Cassidy (mt)

7. Jacinda Jansen (v-ncl)

1.00pm – Senior Vocal Solo – Classical

* Book in from 12.30pm or earlier

1. Lillian Crocos (cv, mt, v-ncl, inst)

2. Alex Blyth (cv, v-ncl, ♫)

3. Katalina Teumohenga (v-ncl, ♫)

4. Sophie Brown (mt, p)

5. William Ahrens (♫)

6. Mikari Zollo Semmler (♫)


2.00pm – Vocal Ensemble (2-4 voices) – Open

* Book in from 1.30pm or earlier

1. Annabelle Fleming (mt, mte, v-ncl, sd) & William Fleming (mt, mte, v)

2. Josh Michael (mt, mte), Lori Allen & Olivia Allen

3. Abbey Bubner (mt, v-cl, ♫), Michaela Eaton, Joeryn Wei En Loh & Darcie Yelland



Adjudicator: Stella Panozzo


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