Speech & Drama

2021 Balaklava Eisteddfod CANCELLED

Saturday 31st July 2021

Entries closed 3rd May 2021

VENUE: Horizon Centre – See Eisteddfod Venues page * please note different venue

CONVENOR: Abby Silverman


Peta Shannon holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama and an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama. She has taught the subject to various schools across SA for 20 years, along with The Actors Studio with Tony Knight and is an Australian Music Examinations Board examiner and adjudicator.

She is also a professional producer, writer, actor, voice over artist, presenter, dancer and singer. Her stage credits for major roles in various include; Salome in Salome, Nora in A Doll’s House, Wuthering Heights, Peggy in 42nd Street, Strangers on a Train, Play it Again Sam, Hope in Anything Goes, Amelia in Vanity Fair, All About My Mother, Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, various shows for Ding Productions, Liz in Chicago and this year the role of Solange in The Maids with director Tony Knight – previous Head of NIDA.

Her television, feature and short film credits include: Selling Gold, Here to Heaven, To Be King, No More Like My Father, Lullaby, 2:37, The Lady, children’s TV pilot to which she also co wrote and produced, The Majestic Garden, The Babadook, The Missing Years, August Watershed, I am What I am, Danger 5, Doomsdays, Raising the Bar, Dark Blue and Unknown Man.

She has adjudicated for the Mt Gambier, Orange, Balaklava and Gold Coast Speech and Drama Eisteddfods and is honoured to return this year.


Entrants MUST read the 2021 Syllabus Notes for Saturday 31st July for detailed information and the Rules & Conditions of Entry

​See page 59 of the programme for Guide to Symbols

Public Speaking – 2021 TOPIC “Political Correctness – A force for good or a threat to free speech?”

9.00am – Junior Group Drama (2-4 performers)

* Book in from 8.30am

1. Dante Bombardieri (mte, sd5-9), Indianna Laubsch (mte, sd5-9) & Alyssa Faranda (mt, mte, sd5-9)

2. Jesse Bombardieri (mte, sd5-9) & Thomas Reardon (mte, sd5-9)

3. Ariah Roberts (mt, mte, sd5-9) & Mariah Richards (mte, sd5-9)

4. Chelsey Binns (sd, sd5-9), Samantha Volbrecht (sd, sd5-9) & Tayla Dale sd5-9

5. Jake Dale (sd5-9), Kirilee McDonnell (sd5-9) & Taileigh Williams (sd5-9)

6. Pepper Batten (sd5-9), Elissa Haley (sd, sd5-9) & Eboney Kenyon (sd5-9)

7. Kyle Mobbs (mt, mte, sd, sd5-9) & Daniel Strong (mte, sd5-9)

9.50am – Open Group Drama (2-4 performers)

* Book in from 9.20am or earlier

1. Riley Mobbs (mt, mte, sd, sd5-9), Olivia Reardon (mte, sd5-9) & Lali Wagland (mte, sd5-9)

2. “No Prompt Required” – Kirsten Pope & Lily Horton-Stewart

3. Alex Richardson (mte, sd5-9) & Zehta Herring (mte, sd5-9)

10.15am – Junior ‘B’ Drama or Recitation Solo

* Book in from 9.45am or earlier

1. Toby Agars (sd-pr)

2. Chelsey Binns (sd2-4, sd5-9)

3. Kyle Mobbs (mt, mte, sd2-4, sd5-9)

4. Samantha Volbrecht (sd2-4, sd5-9)

5. Riley Mobbs (mt, mte, sd2-4, sd5-9)

10.50am – Junior ‘A’ Drama or Recitation Solo

* Book in from 10.20am or earlier

1. Dilini Ranathunga (sd-pr)

2. Milton Byles (sd-pr)

3. Erin Smith (sd-pr)

4. Harry Camilleri (sd-pr)

5. Ellisa Haley (sd2-4, sd5-9)

6. Gracie Stringer (sd-pr)

12.30pm – Senior Public Speaking

TOPIC: “Political Correctness – A force for good or a threat to free speech?”

* Book in from 12.00 noon or earlier

1. Chelsea Schar-Grant (cv, mt, sd, sd-pr)

2. Dahli Jacobson

12.40pm – Open Group Drama ‘A’ (5-9 performers)

* Book in from 12.10pm or earlier

1. King’s Drama Club #1

2. Voice it Drama Hub 2

3. King’s Drama Club #2

4. King’s Drama Club #3

1.10pm – Open Group Drama ‘B’ (5-9 performers)

* Book in from 12.40pm or earlier

1. Voice it Drama Hub 1

2. AP Drama Troupe A

3. SAPA Drama Troupe A

4. AP Drama Troupe B

5. SAPA Drama Troupe C

6. SAPA Drama Troupe B


2.20pm – Senior Drama or Recitation Solo

* Book in from 1.50pm or earlier

1. Ava Hughes (mt, mte, v-ncl, ♫) WITHDRAWN

2. Mia Ferraretto (cv, mt, sd)

3. Chelsea Schar-Grant (cv, mt, sd-pr, sd-ps)

4. Zara Blight (cv, mt)

5. Connor Russell (mte, sd5-9)

6. Kane Mobbs (cve, mt, mte, sd5-9)

7. Alex Bousfield

8. Annabelle Fleming (mt, mte, v-ncl, v2-4)

3.10pm – Junior ‘A’ Prose or Poetry Reading

* Book in from 2.40pm or earlier

1. Jazlyn Sudan (sd2-4)

2. Luke Polden (sd2-4)

3. Dilini Ranathunga (sd)

4. Avie Osman (sd2-4)

5. Wesley Correa (sd5-9)

3.45pm – Junior ‘B’ Prose or Poetry Reading

* Book in from 3.15pm or earlier

1. Thomas Bollen (sd2-4)

2. Amelie Leditschke (sd5-9)

3. Jessica Laws (sd5-9)

4. Lachie Agars (sd5-9)

5. Milton Byles (sd)

6. Jessica Mah (inst, p)

4.20pm – Junior ‘C’ Prose or Poetry Reading

* Book in from 3.50pm or earlier

1. Erin Smith (sd)

2. Harry Camilleri (sd)

3. Gracie Stringer (sd)

4. Mia Lynch (sd5-9)

5. Regan Smith (sd5-9)

6. Toby Agars (sd)

5.00pm – Open Prose or Poetry Reading

* Book in from 4.30pm or earlier

1. Marcus Reseigh

2. Chelsea Schar-Grant (cv, mt, sd, sd-ps)

3. Trish Goodgame

4. Mia Ferraretto (cv, mt, sd)

5. Sophie Riggs (mt) WITHDRAWN