2021 Balaklava Eisteddfod CANCELLED

Saturday 31st July 2021

​Entries closed 3rd May 2021

VENUE: St.Paul’s Lutheran Church – See Eisteddfod Venues page

CONVENORS: Jarrad Thiele & Pete Georg


Paula Winter undertook her Bachelor of Music studies majoring in flute and piano at the Australian National University in Canberra and then returned home to Adelaide to complete an Honours degree at the Conservatorium of Music. She won the ‘Open Solo’ and ‘Open Duet’ sections of the Adelaide Eisteddfod.

She has taught flute for many years at various schools including Immanuel College, Scotch College, Loreto College and Walford School where she has also been involved in conducting ensembles.

Paula has been the sole operator of an entertainment agency, ‘Fine Music Ensembles’ for many years. This has involved playing in a quartet which has been hired by many Adelaide venues to provide music for significant events as well as a considerable number of weddings and functions. Paula’s quartet has been hired by the Hyatt Regency, Osaka, Japan as ‘quartet in residence’ on a couple of occasions. She is a senior examiner for the AMEB which includes examining in both metropolitan and regional areas.


Entrants MUST read the 2021 Syllabus Notes for Saturday 31st July for detailed information and the Rules & Conditions of Entry

See page 59 of the programme for Guide to Symbols

10.00am – Intermediate Instrumental Solo

* Book in from 9.30am

1. Mia Luppino (cv, mt) – Flute

2. Sarah Mah (p) – Alto Saxophone

3. Joshua Zhang (inst, p) – Saxophone

4. Isabel Lemley (i2-4) – Violin

5. Alanna Kennedy (inst) – Violin

6. Joshua Zhang (inst, p) – Cello

10.40am – Senior Instrumental Solo

* Book in from 10.10am or earlier

1. Charlotte Lockwood – Saxophone

2. Ezra Lockwood WITHDRAWN

Brightlyn Victor (p) – Double Bass (moved from #6)

3. Ethan Buckoke – Trombone

4. Rita Kiflu – Cello

5. Alanna Kennedy (inst) – Violin

6. Brightlyn Victor (p) – Double Bass Moved to #2

7. Lillian Crocos (cv, mt, v-cl, v-ncl) – Violin

11.50am – Junior Instrumental Solo

* Book in from 11.20am or earlier

1. Clara Luppina – Flute

2. Monica Metcalf (i2-4) – Cello

3. Gabriella Snudden (i2-4) – Cello

4. Lucy Yan (p) – Violin

5. Jessica Mah (p, sd-pr) – Flute

6. Hermione Cowley (p) – Flute

7. Vincent Yan (p) – Guitar

8. Charlene Zhang (p) – Flute

1.40pm – Open Instrumental Solo

* Book in from 1.10pm or earlier

1. Jesse Sprason – Drums

2. Claire Challender (inst) – Flute

3. James Hester – Alto Saxophone

4. Claire Challender NC (inst) – Clarinet

5. Janice Kelly – Tenor Saxophone

6. Claire Challender NC (inst) – Alto Saxophone



2.45pm – Instrumental Ensemble (2-4 instruments) – Junior

* Book in from 2.15pm or earlier

1. Jaeger Dennett – Cello, Jediah Charles (p) – Cello, Olivia Lemley – Cello & Gabriella Snudden – Cello

2 Isabel Langley (inst) – Violin & Monica Metcalf (inst) – Cello