Musical Theatre

2021 Balaklava Eisteddfod CANCELLED

Saturday 31st July 2021

​Entries closed 3rd May 2021

VENUE: Balaklava Town Hall * please note different venue – See Eisteddfod Venues page


ADJUDICATOR: George Torbay

George Torbay completed studies at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts USA, the University of Sydney and the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

A distinguished conductor, music educator, singing teacher, adjudicator, performer and director, Mr Torbay has served as Artist in Residence and Lecturer for Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor for the Sydney Opera House concert series for the NSW Department of Education, Lecturer at Federation University, advisor to Hal Leonard Australia and as the Director of Music for the television series Battle of the Choirs. He is currently Head of Music Theatre at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide.

Mr Torbay is a published arranger with Warner Brothers, Morton Music and Hal Leonard Australia. For Hal Leonard he has published eight books entitled CHORALTIME. He was the author of the musical theatre syllabus for the Australian Music Examinations Board and currently serves as their Advisor.


Entrants MUST read the 2021 Syllabus Notes for Saturday 31st July for detailed information and the Rules & Conditions of Entry

See page 59 of the programme for Guide to Symbols

9.00am – Senior Musical Theatre Solo

* Book in from 8.30am

1. Isabelle Trezise

2. Kane Mobbs (cve, mte, sd, sd5-9)

3. Madeleine Riggs (cv)

4. Ella Moll (cv)

5. Sophie Brown (v-cl, p)

9.40am – Open Musical Theatre Solo

* Book in from 9.10am or earlier

1. Sam Gwynn-Jones (v-ncl)

2. Nadia Gencarelli (v-ncl)

3. John Cassidy (v-cl)

4. Mairead Hayes (cv, v-cl, v-ncl)

5. Kelly Bickle (cv)

Abbey Bubner (v-cl, ♫ (vs), v2-4) WITHDRAWN

6. Claudia Finn (cv) (not in printed programme)

7. Bethany McGeorge (mte, v-cl, ♫)

8. Julie Tamme

9. Leah McGeorge (mte, v-cl)

10. Angie Barr (cv)

11. Sophie Georgiadis (cv)

12. Sophie Riggs (sd-pr) WITHDRAWN

11.00am – Intermediate ‘B’ Musical Theatre Solo (Des Ross Award)

* Book in from 10.30am or earlier

1. Mia Ferraretto (cv, sd, sd-pr)

2. Chelsea Schar-Grant (cv, sd-pr, sd-ps)

3. Lluka Wadey (cv, cve, ♫)

4. Ava Hughes (mte, v-ncl, ♫, sd)

5. Chloe Seabrook (cv, mte, ♫)

6. Zara Blight (cv, sd)

7. Sophie Hill (mte)

8. Summa Arrizza (mte, v-ncl)

9. Sienna Vacca (cv)

10. Isabella Haarsma (cv)

1.15pm – Intermediate ‘A’ Musical Theatre Solo

* Book in from 12.45pm or earlier

1. Maisy Jo Russell (cv, cve, mte, sd5-9)

2. Annabelle Fleming (mte, v-ncl, v2-4, sd)

3. Josh Michael (mte, v2-4)

4. Miley Vincent (cv)

5. Lillian Crocos (cv, v-cl, v-ncl, inst)

6. Sophie Haarsma (cv)

7. Asher Gordon

8. Madeleine McNicol (cv, mte)

9. Jasper Darwent (cv)

10. Abigail Sharp (v-ncl)

11. Reo Gerhardy (cv, v-ncl)

12. Emelia Schwartz

2.45pm – Junior Musical Theatre Solo

* Book in from 2.15pm or earlier

1. Poppy Saleeba (v)

2. Gracie Cheung

3. Mia Luppino (cv, inst)

4. Alyssa Faranda (mte, sd2-4, sd5-9)

5. Amelia Wirtz (cv)

6. Riley Mobbs (mte, sd, sd2-4, sd5-9)

7. Kyle Mobbs (mte, sd, sd2-4, sd5-9)

8. Annabelle McNicol (cv, mte)

9. Ariah Roberts (mte, sd2-4, sd5-9)

10. William Fleming (mte, v, v2-4)


4.15pm – Musical Theatre Ensemble – Junior

* Book in from 3.45pm or earlier

1. Riley Mobbs (mt, sd, sd2-4, sd5-9), Thomas Reardon (sd2-4, sd5-9) & Daniel Strong (sd2-4, sd5-9)

2. Zoe Mayes (sd5-9), Ariah Roberts (mt, sd2-4, sd5-9) & Mariah Richards (sd2-4, sd5-9)

3. Annabelle Fleming (mt, v-ncl, v2-4, sd) & William Fleming (mt, v, v2-4)

4.35pm – Musical Theatre Ensemble – Open A

* Book in from 4.05pm or earlier

1. Annabelle McNicol (cv, mt) & Madeleine McNicol (cv, mt)

2. Kyle Mobbs (cv, mt, sd2-4, sd5-9), Olivia Reardon (sd2-4, sd5-9) & Lali Wagland (sd2-4, sd5-9)

3. Maisy Jo Russell (cv, cve, mt, sd5-9), Dante Bombardieri (sd2-4, sd5-9) & Indianna Laubsch (sd2-4, sd5-9)

4. Josh Michael (mt, v2-4) & Sophia Manuel

5.00pm – Musical Theatre Ensemble – Open B

* Book in from 4.30pm or earlier

1. Paige Bubner (cv) & Alice McArdle

2. Connor Russell (sd, sd5-9), Kane Mobbs (cve, sd, mt, sd5-9) & Alex Richardson (sd2-4, sd5-9)

3. Jesse Bombardieri (sd2-4, sd5-9), Alyssa Faranda (mt, sd2-4, sd5-9) & Zehta Herring (sd2-4, sd5-9)

4. Summa Arrizza (mt, v-ncl) & Sophie Hill (mt)

5. Ava Hughes (mt, v-ncl, ♫, sd) & Chloe Seabrook (cv, mt, ♫)

6. Leah McGeorge (mt, v-cl) & Bethany McGeorge (mt, v-cl, ♫)

7. Rachel Riggs & Mel Greenslade WITHDRAWN